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     Currently going on is what is being referred to as the "largest fake media file outbreak" in over 3 years. Around 500,000 people have fallen to a phony music and/or video track thta is really a spyware-infested Trojan horse. Usually claiming to be a music track with a great MP3 file extension, the file is actually an installer that claims to require a special codec and special media player to play back the file. If you install the codec you raelly get a computer screen full of pop-ups delivered through a variety of malware programs. You can see what the infection looks like by checking out the video on this post. The attack is being distributed primarily through peer-to-peer networks. 

    This is hardly an original attack, but the scale is immense: Those 500,000 attacks occurred in the space of just one week! That's substantial. The bright spot is that according to McAfee, which provided the data in the BBC report, only about 10 percent of those who downloaded the infected file actually installed it. 

    The infected file incorporates all manner of potential file names. Though the BBC story includes a half-dozen, the real list of names is exhaustive to the point where it would make little sense including it here. It's likely that that list will continue to grow, too, as the attack continues to develop.

You already know what you need to do now, but I'll emphasize: Update your antivirus software, make sure it's running real-time scans, and keep off those peer-to-peer networks.


Can Life Possibly Improve?

Well, life seems to be just about perfect now. I live with the man I am going to marry, and I will soon be graduating from high school and on my way to college. I start Palomar in August and then will be transfering to Cal State San Marcos, where I plan to become a nurse anesthetist. 

I don't have a car, or license as of yet, but that should be happening within 2 months of graduation (June 10, 2008). I'm quite excited about this. I hope to have enough to one day own an antique black hearse. My favorite car of all time. I will also be working in a paid internship which will bring in a ton of money, and will also be working part-time in a lingerie shop until school starts.

Recently saw "Ironman" and I must say with the utmost conviction and sincerity....GO SEE IT NOW! It's bloody amazing.  

Honesty of a Nerdy Girl

An Interview With YOU
Answer with HONESTY..

Whats your first and middle name?: Alexia Hungerford

Where were you born?: Earth

How many siblings do you have?: 1

What color are your eyes?: they change color, usually green

What color is your hair?: naturally red

Whats your heritage/s?: Irish

How tall are you?: 5'1

Your weight?: 90 lbs


What kind of music are you into?: rock, classical, and DAVID BOWIE IS GOD

Your favorite band:: I hate this question. It's so hard. Probably Zeppelin

Why?: They are awesome.

What's a song that describes your love life?: Chopin's "Raindrop Prelude". It's our song.

Whats a song that describes your life?: Not sure

Your Heros/Influences (Name 3)

1st Hero:: David Bowie
Why They're my Hero:: Only he can be so amazing.

2nd Hero:: Maddox
Why They're My Hero:: He's hilarious and seems to always be right.

3rd Hero:: Tank Girl
Why They're my Hero:: She kicks ass.

More about you:

Where was your first kiss?: Comic Con, 2004

Funnest date:: Most fun, dumbass creator of this interview. Erm....not sure.

Funnest Party:: Most fun! A fandom party.

Worst Memory:: Kissing my ex.

Whens the last time you cried?: Yesterday.

Do you lose your temper?: Rarely

Do you resort to violence?: Me? Never. Come on.

Can you control yourself?: Yes.

Do you consider yourself an influence of those around you?: People say they want to be me. Why, I have no clue.

If you died, do you think anyone would miss you?: A few.

Your Future:

What do you want to do before you die?: Have David Bowie kiss my hand and marry the love of my life.

Do you think you will change the world?: Already have.
What are some ideas of yours?

1.: Iraq was never a threat until we took out Sadam Hussein. That invited Al-Queda in because there was nobody to control them. So the War on Iraq was our fault.

2.: I think we don't need another idiotic President.

3.: Religion is STUPID.

MORE about you:

Whats your ideas on religion?: It's dumb. Just something men created to comfort and control themselves and one another. A stupid, pointless creation.

What do you think of war?: There is such thing as necessary war. Look at WWII, it was benefitial on so many levels. The jews became free, we took out an evil army, it SOLVED THE GREAT DEPRESSION (took men away from US jobs by giving them a chance to be in the army, and the people that were left could take there job, then there was mining for silver and other metals for weapons/bullets, gun manufacters, etc.), but it freed france (unfortunatly). War now is complete bullshit.

Whats your outlook on starving, hungry people?: I wish I could help all of them.

What do you think of pre-marital sex?: Why not?

Your style: (YES OR NO)
Is preppy: no
Is gothic: no
Is punk: no
Is grunge: no
Is Retro: no
Is Normal: nothing is normal
is Hippie: no
Is Emo: fuck emos. No.
Is AWESOME!: Aren't I?

What do you like to do? (Yes or No)

Be mean:: yes
Be nice:: yes
Sing: when I'm alone
Dance: yes
Swim: yes
Play Sports: Airsoft, dog shows
Write: yes
Poetry: yes
Fight: yes
Practice Yoga: yes

Do you consider yourself..
Pretty?: So I've been told. Used to model, too, so...I dunno. I don't believe it.
Hot?: See above

Sexy?: read above statement

Ugly?: Oh yes. I hate myself. Nobody cares about me. I want to cut myself while listening to bad music.

Talented?: In some areas

Artistic?: In some areas

Spiritual?: no

Strange?: yes

Insane?: I'm crazy, but then I am a woman.

A diffrent outlook than those around you?: Fuck yeah

Funny?: If I want to be

Wild?: Depends

One of a kind?: Obviously


Who's the most different from you?: Deborah
Most alike you (on the inside): Mary
Looks like you: None
Thinks like you: Mary
Quietest: They all talk WAAAAAAY too much.
Weirdest in the cool way: Mary
Least Confident?: Mary
Most Confident?: Leslie

Who do you think...

should have more confidence?: Mary. She's amazing.

Should shut up?: Everyone but Mary.

should stop thinking theyre so great?: Leslie


How Does This Crap Get Published?